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Mom Mysteriously Vanishes:
Where is Alesha Brookshier?

It's been 14 years since Alesha Brookshier, a mom of two, disappeared from a small New Mexico town. The last person who says they saw her was the man she was living with. The couple had been legally divorced in 2002, but family members of the missing mom said they would routinely get back together.

The hours before Alesha Brookshier would vanish, she got into a heated argument with her on-again, off-again ex-husband. Her son witnessed it, creeping onto the roof of their home and listening to every word that was said. When the couple drove off, that would be the last time he or his sister would see their mom.

While her disappearance is already bizarre; there would be more strange things that would take place the months and years after she vanished. Come with us, as we go “Beyond The Case” and dive into this mystery that’s left Alesha’s sister with more questions than answers.

Disappeared In Darkness:
The Disappearance of Anthonette Cayedito

It’s been a decades-long nightmare for the sisters of Anthonette Cayedito. Anthonette,9, went missing April 6, 1986, while her family was sleeping in their Gallup home.

Her mother initially told police that she last saw Anthonette at 3am, Sunday morning, asleep. When the family woke up Anthonette was gone. According to FBI records, her mother’s story changed about 8 years after the girl’s disappearance.

This case has many twists and turns, but for the first time, you will hear a version of the story that Anthonette’s sister, Sadie, says was their life. And…we have documents in the police case file that support it.

Was Anthonette being watched by a stranger? Did Anthonette run away?...Or, was someone she knew somehow linked to her mysterious vanishing?

Come with us as we go…Beyond The Case!

Missing Cousins

Billy, 11, and Mary Lou, 9, were out riding their bicycles in September of 1979. Their typical day of play would turn into a decades-long nightmare for their family and friends, after the two cousins never returned home. There have been many theories of what could have happened to the children who lived in Albuquerque, N.M. But there is one question that remains the same … Where’s Billy and Mary Lou?

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